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Chimpsta provide a fun and engaging method to interact with event attendees. We enable the ability to print off uploaded social media pictures as a Polaroid style, fully branded prints within 30 seconds from upload. Powered by hashtags, made by chimps.

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Forget the photobooth! That's why here at Chimpsta we provide a fun and engaging way of interacting with event attendees as well as building your brand. Our social media driven print systems enable the printing of your guests favourite photos live. This takes the digital and makes it physical. You won't find us cramming 6 people into a box, or limiting prints to 1 per go. Nope.

We enable mobility and creative, image taking freedom! Not only that but we love it when people keep coming back for more, and so should you. The more fun guests have, the more prints they take home with your brand message! Attendees simply Snap it, Tag it and Print it and walk away from your event happy with their prints that they'll pop on their wall, fridge or on the bedside table...if they're into that.

In 2015 Chimpsta have worked on 35 campaigns with a variety of clients throughout the country. With an astonishing 10,665 photos uploaded in only 286 working hours. The company have printed over 27,895 branded Polaroid style images, and have seen an average increase in social media uploads of 2,598%.

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