My Buzz

Just won #SBS on Twitter last night and it’s just starting to sink in today. Buzzing from all the well wishes and congrats from everyone! Looking forward to the future with even more hope now!

My Bio

Hi there, I'm Christine and I'm the ‘fairy behind the scenes' of Christie's Crafts. Children have the most amazing imaginations and their creativity should always be supported and encouraged. Fantasy or pretend play is a fabulous way of doing this so in June 2017 I came up with the concept of a fairy doors and accessories business in order to give them the opportunity of developing these skills.

There are many similar businesses out there I know but mine is different because it builds on an earlier concept of when we used to create pictures or scenes with felt shapes.....remember that? Most businesses seem to offer either just the fairy door or you can add accessories that you play with on the floor next to the door on the skirting board which then later need to be put away.....because us parents are sticklers for tidiness aren’t we?

My accessories are added to the skirting board alongside the fairy door creating a scene much like we used to with felt shapes. This in turn keeps everything tidy on the wall....great for parents. You then have a scene which can be left as it is only to return to another time and to then move the pieces around to create another scene.....imagine the endless possibilities and hours of creative fun....also great for parents but remember, you can join in too.

Now you can begin to imagine how this helps children to use their imaginations and creativity....great skills for their future enabling them to also learn to think outside the box. With these kinds of skills they can learn to build and achieve anything in life they desire which I have a passion for going a little way in helping to develop!

My Business Tips

Never give up! Just when you feel like doing that a door can open giving you even more opportunities to succeed!

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