My Buzz

When I won my #SBS I was in complete shock and had no idea how things would change for my business when Theo had noticed and picked me out of hundreds of tweets! I now have lots of local interest in my cakes where before i worked on previous orders and word and mouth. Now I have the drive to expand my business onto the high street without the fear of failure, with Theo giving me the confidence boost I needed being so new to the business world! Thanks Theo x

My Bio

I love cakes! My name is Clare Macro and I have been discribed as 'the one woman cake factory' I was a bakery manager until recently when i was made redundant. I missed making cakes for peoples special occasions and the smile on their faces when they came an collected them from the bakery. I decided to start up myself, prizing myself on great customer satisfaction and making cake ordering a personal service. I make Wedding cakes, Novelty cakes and cupcakes and I spend all my time taking extra special care on attention to details and handmaking everything for a totally unique cake or cupcakes which has also been discribed 'Edible works of art!' I am currently based in Tonbridge, Kent and I deliver cakes in person across the Southeast of England!

My Business Tips

If you want to succeed then only you can make your success!
You have to work long hours and push youself to the limit to get youself seen in the business world!
Be honest and genuine to your customers to build up trust!
Positive thinking leads to positive reactions.... this is my favorite and is what my mum taught me :0)
Failure is not an option its just another door opening to a new begining!

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