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At the age of 37 Lorraine Clarke decided to go back to University and gained a 1st class honours degree in Social Work. Lorraine began working for the local authority but quickly realised there was a gap in the market for a high quality home care service.

Previously having been self-employed as hairdresser, Lorraine didn't much like working for anyone. She felt like her ideas and plans to make positive changes to the ways and workings of the social services were beaten down. Lorraine always has been an entrepreneurial person, having dabbled in other businesses of her own she felt it was time to break free of the local authority and set up ClarkeCare.

It's not the normal type of business you would find on Theo's SBS winners page but Lorraine's ambition is to raise the profile of great carers and great care business owners. The care industry gets a regular beating and rightly so in some cases. However, the great work of carers and great care businesses who are not just in it for the money should be celebrated.

Having now been rated as OUTSTANDING by the regulator, Care Quality Commission, Lorraine is now a consultant to other small start up care businesses. Sharing her knowledge and experience to others who want to provide a fantastic service.

We may all need someone to care for us one day, lets breed some outstanding carers and care businesses who will do just that.

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