My Buzz

A Professional Photographer covering a varied genres of Photography from documentary Weddings to Sport and Commercial. I travel and have covered a numerous amount of countries with a camera to learn and develop. I enjoy observing , street and Portrait all in a candid way. I don't just take a image I find it. Life is through a lens.

My Bio

I enjoy seeing the world through my lens and the chance to share moments that the eye doesn't see or the sunrise you may have missed. Capturing a wedding with real moments and hunting for the shot that will blow you away. I started two years ago from scratch but passion and drive has got me to a level along side Photographers who have been in the business for 25 years. Im driven to provide the best service i can and quality of image.

My Business Tips

The more I heard the word No its impossible ; to come as far as I have in two years is a milestone in itself. The "No Camp" drove me harder and work longer hours to succeed in this short space of time. I went professional the day I picked up a camera ( There was no going back )

Do NOT be scared to ASK for Help and advice - if it is no then ask somewhere else; I didn't give up.

Social media is the way to go but be warned its hard to keep up with everything.

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