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Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC is a registered community interest company [CIC] that make chocolate from scratch, from the cocoa bean and also hold chocolate workshops teaching families about a healthy lifestyle, knowing the nutritional facts on confectionery and the process of making a chocolate bar from the raw cocoa bean in an interative learning environment.

The families get to taste different types of chocolate and see what a cocoa pod looks like

We buy most of our cocoa beans directly from farmers in Nigeria, Ecuador and Peru at a premium fair price from the farmers while supporting the farmer's children in their education.

My Bio

I was inspired to start making chocolate from scratch when I was at a networking event for students in 2016. I tasted a 70% chocolate bar and was pleasantly surprised that it tasted so good. Before then, I always disliked eating dark chocolate and only preferred either white chocolate or milk chocolate.
I was inspired to set up a social enterprise, make a difference and educate people about the wonders of eating dark chocolate; many people don't know about that the chocolate we eat comes from a chocolate bean which is a fruit that is fermented, dried, roasted and churned into chocolate.
Over the years I have enjoyed holding chocolate workshops and chocolate tasting sessions, educating people about being sugar smart especially when it comes to confectionery, the history of chocolate, the journey of chocolate from the Amazon and Africa to the UK and the benefits of eating dark chocolate.
I also enjoy making chocolate products and experimenting with flavors.

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Inspiration is in nature! Look to nature for new product designs

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