My Buzz

I'm a mother of two plus a dog, and absolutely love working for myself. Being my own boss does require a lot of commitment & motivation but the rewards shine through to make it all worthwhile.
Being one of Theo Paphitis SBS winners is the best news ever. I'ts great to be recognised for all the hard work and energy that goes into being self-employed and I'm really looking forward to the coming years as founder of Coconut Blush.

My Bio

Coconut Blush are a cottage industry based in the Spa Town of Buxton, Derbyshire.

We make a range of NATURAL, PARABEN & SLS FREE bath & body products on our premises, which are offered for sale on a retail and wholesale basis.

Our venture started in the family home. Both of our children suffered from eczema & dry skin as babies and we found it impossible to find cleansing products without chemical born preservatives, sulphate-based detergents and artificial foaming agents. It was at this point we decided to create something natural ourselves!

After an exciting couple of years researching and sourcing ingredients, and making our own products at home, we created our own brand of natural skincare.

Now we have been in business for over ten years, and offer our customers a high quality range of products designed to nourish and protect both skin and hair without the need for harsh chemicals. We make Shea Butter and Olive oil soaps, hair care, moisturising balms and luxurious glycerine body wash using coconut-based surfactants, paraben-free preservatives, oils, butters, herbs, and essential oils.

In 2011, we were excited to be awarded the Environmental Quality Mark issued by the Peak National Park Authority. The Peak District is important to us and we look after it by recycling, re-using, being aware of our carbon footprint and supporting other local businesses.

We are proud to say that all of our soaps contain Buxton Spring water, and source local honey and cow’s milk to use in our products for eczema and psoriasis.

We enjoy what we do and thrive on producing the best products for our customers in the Peak District and beyond.

My Business Tips

A smile goes a very long way!
Don't be afraid to ask for help.
Be realistic from the start.
Be good to your customers, and do the things you say you will!

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