My Buzz

The way technology changes on a daily basis never fails to excite me. Not only is technology advancing but it's availability is now there for SME businesses' like never before. I want to ensure this technology is used not just purchased. Also passionate about reducing the number of people who use mobile phones behind the wheel whilst driving.

My Bio

I will help you improve the efficiency of your company by using mobile telephones, I.T. systems, easily monitored mobile apps and in vehicle technology.

Through our work with several customers over the years, Codeblue discovered managing a remote workforce is one of the biggest challenges for any business owner. We decided to find services that can make these members of staff visible for you and your admin staff.

► Using our vehicle tracking services, crash camera, mobile phone technology with workflow apps, lone working products and Microsoft Office 365 we can help you to plan working days better, monitor daily activity, reduce administration costs, increase staff productivity and improve customer service.

► We help customers across a wide spectrum, ranging from logistics and transportation companies, service engineering teams, housing associations, colleges, and sales organisations.

► How can I help you?

If your timesheets take hours to check off every week, paper delivery notes get lost or need cross referencing after every order. Your customers complain of late deliveries or being over charged for service calls. Want to make sure your lone workers are safe. An easy way to do VOSA vehicle checks. Help to prove who was at fault in a crash or you simply just want to know where your sales team are on a Friday afternoon get in touch 01484 441464.

Check out the Codeblue Communications website for videos of the solutions or just call me on 01484 441469 or 07512 441400

My Business Tips

I don't do business speak but the one lesson I have learned is that you must make the most of the good times. Ensure you take a little bit of something out when things are good. This will remind you that when times are tough the hard work is worth it.

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