My Buzz

SBS has given us an amazing starting point for our business. We hadn't been selling our crayons for long when we won the award and it exposed us to loads of potential customers as well as businesses to sell to!

My Bio

Colour Me Fun is a small, family run, business founded in April 2011 specializing in the making hand-poured non-toxic crayons for children of all ages. Our range of crayons include everything from princess crowns to personalized names to dinosaurs. All of our crayons have been tested, are CE marked and are suitable for children aged 3 and up.

Our crayons have been featured in many publications including Women's Weekly, Juniors Magazine and Popular Crafts Magazine.

My Business Tips

Stay true to yourself and your ideas but be prepared to make changes when necessary! Working for yourself is a great feeling but be prepared to put in lots of hard work because your hours will most often go beyond just 9 to 5.

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