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#SBS has given us exposure to a huge cross section of the public and although we work almost solely within primary schools every parent is a potential client. Who wouldn't want to give a child, these days, the best possible headstart in Computing when it is inevitably going to play a huge role in their life?

My Bio

Founded in 2010, ComputerXplorers in Birmingham has helped over 3000 children find huge fun and rewards in our popular I.T. courses. We deliver in-curriculum lessons & workshops for local primary schools plus we run daily after school courses where children learn skills such as coding & animation, working collaboratively and with really engaging pieces of software. ComputerXplorers write curriculum & lesson plans to stretch children in Key Stages 1 & 2 and can integrate I.T. to any other subject within a school's own curriculum.

My Business Tips

Selling within the Education sector requires another level of patience & persistence, with so many gatekeepers and other restrictions to meeting with appropriate teachers/buyers, but stick to it and it will pay off in the end! So to does ensuring our delivery is of the highest quality. The best sales tool, especially relevant when selling in Education, is recommendations [from other schools.] Schools won't freely take a 'chance' with a child's education; but ensure the product is consistently first rate and they will share this freely.

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