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Environmentally friendly furniture should be sexy, funky and fun and like a piece of art or jewellery sitting in a room!

Condover Furniture
A non-consumption company
non-consumption: the avoidance of consuming resources

By prolonging the use of a piece of furniture through repair and enhancement, Condover Furniture is helping eliminate the need to consume new resources, and non-consumption helps our planet.

Condover Furniture takes both old and unwanted pieces of furniture and gives them new life brush painting them using only premium brand of environmentally friendly paints, waxes and oils. When purchasing our products you can feel good about owning a real piece of furniture as well as helping the planet. A bespoke colour service is also available to complement your home.

Unique Environmentally Friendly Upcycled Furniture & artisanal knobs
Condover. Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

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Since moving back to the UK in 2017 after 20 years living and working in the US, I have been working on a new business of upcycling furniture to not only prolong its life but to make it fun and desirable again. I use only top quality environmentally friendly paints, waxes and oils and make each piece distinctive and if possible unique. I want furniture to be fun and colourful and not something that’s just utilitarian sitting in a room! And so Condover Furniture was born!
Visit and take a look - I think you'll be impressed about how good upcycled furniture can look!

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If you think you can't do it, keep at it - you'll find a way.

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