My Bio

After years of working in the Customer Service world I decided it was time to take a different turn, and do something completely different, some may call this a "mid life crisis" and yes I may agree.

I decided to start small with a mobile coffee van, with relatively low start up costs, overheads and running costs, which enabled me to dip my toe in the water of entrepreneurship. I was able to try out all types of different scenarios and quickly realised that I loved the buzz I got from getting my little coffee business into events; from the application process to the final set up at each event, or with each organiser. Dealing at some times with quite honestly, some crazy requirements, but loving this challenge every time, while striving to meet the customers needs and bring great coffee to the coffee drinking public every time.

Although my original business idea hasn't changed greatly, the business has evolved and grown to suit the experience that I have gained, but still keeping my green ethics in the forefront of my mind at all times.

My Business Tips

It would be impossible to run and grow your own business if you didn't love what you do and feel a passion for what you have created.

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