My Buzz

I’ve always found great joy in being creative and I love beautiful things, so to combine the two and do it as my own business venture is just a dream!

I love the feel, look and to work with copper and other such materials. That and my plumber husband sparked off my copper obsession!

My Bio

Hi there, I’m Lauren founder and sole producer at Copper Cup (apart from the occasional hand from my plumber hubby).

After my husband whipped up a frame from copper for our wedding, to use as a table plan, I decided to see what I could do with copper. The possibilities were endless and Copper Cup was born!

As a full time mum of three children, I wanted to do something that gave me the flexibility to still be present with my kids, at the same time as making a little money.

I’m absolutely loving my small business journey and meeting like minded people a long the way!

We added our very popular wire range in 2020. Check out our socials!

My Business Tips

The biggest thing for me is to “Never give up!”

I have days of self doubt and thoughts of “what is the point?”, “am I good enough?” But I’ve learnt that there are far more positive days, and that on those days filled with negative vibes, “NEVER GIVE UP!” ✌