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We were absolutely thrilled to be named as a winner of Small Business Sunday. We've been dutifully tuning in every Sunday evening so were over the moon to be welcomed into that community. Our first #SBSwinnershour was wonderful too, and the SBS family made us feel right at home. Thank you everyone!

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We have a host of services to help your business grow. If you need a helping hand with cloud accounting, give us a call - we were one of the first in our region to adopt it.

We can also advise on many diverse aspects of running a company, and we'd be delighted to offer fellow SBS winners support. After-all, running your business is hard enough at the best of times. Is it getting easier?

You’re trying to keep your customers, staff, stakeholders and bank happy. Who keeps you happy?

You’ve got your taxes, VAT and suppliers to pay.

You are looking for more profit, more return for you and your family.

Long term you want to sell or pass the business on.

Is it time for you to get some more help? Better advice? A plan? More controls?

Are you stuck or just want things to happen better or faster?

My team and I have helped many clients build successful businesses.

If you and I agree there may be some value for you, I contact you or visit you at your business or home to develop a plan of action.

You will know exactly what you will pay with me and all my work is guaranteed.

Worst case, you’ll have some more ideas to take away. But it could be the best call you ever made.

Call 01208 74615 and I’ll speak to you today, no fee, no obligation.

Paul Miller BSc FCA
Managing Director
Cornish Accounting Solutions Ltd

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We regularly post tips and tricks in the News blog on our website. Feel free to give it a glance at:

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