My Buzz

We are so proud to be part of #SBS We have been working so hard over the last few years on our brand awareness and winning this award has helped with this so much! It's also opened up so many opportunities for us, with us being featured in many local newspapers and magazines and quite a few radio interviews. We are so excited for the future. We are over the moon that Theo now has one of our baby clothing bouquets to give to his new grandchild!

My Bio

Before becoming a mum to twin girls, Lara enjoyed a successful career in corporate life (IT and Marketing industry). I studied art and design at Farnham Art College so it was only natural that my career progressed into a creative role.

Corporate Baby was started in 2006. Our gifts are totally unique and you will not find anything quite like them on the high street! We also offer a bespoke baby gift service, where we can tailor gift contents and the theme to your budget. We also offer a DIY section on our website at where you can create your own contents, giving your gift that personal touch.

Items offered by Corporate Baby include beautifully made, luxurious clothes and a range of useful, quality accessories. The gifts can be presented in a keepsake box or be hand wrapped and folded by Lara's team into the design of a cake, bouquet of flowers or cupcakes. We ship all our gifts worldwide!

My Business Tips

Network, Network and more Networking! Clearly I did a lot of this at the #SBSEvent2015 as I lost my voice!

Talk about your business to anyone you can, wherever you can! I continuously talk about Corporate Baby even at Weddings, Christenings etc!

Social media eg Twitter, Facebook has been amazing for us specifically for brand awareness. We also meet like minded businesses and support each other on Twitter! The more you put in the more you get out!

Dont stop marketing, dont rely on a small pool of clients! And more importantly enjoy every minute of running your own business! If your not passionate about what you do then you shouldn't be doing it!

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