My Buzz

I am over the moon to be recognised by Theo and to become part of the #SBS family.

Being discovered by potential customers is our biggest challenge as a small brand. I am hoping the exposure that comes through SBS will allow us greater social reach and create more happy rolling babies and relaxed parents.

My Bio

Cosyplay was created out of a desire to spend quality play time with my baby on the floor.

My baby needed the freedom to roll and move and explore his little world. I also knew that babies benefit greatly from attachment (a theory that some clever psychologists devised). It basically means that babies require a loving nurturing person nearby for companionship, entertainment and a sense of safety.

I found spending hours on the floor with a baby was really uncomfortable, so I thought memory foam would be great for both of us. I had to tinker a bit with the design to make it perfect for the needs of my baby and me.

The result was a memory foam play mat with a waterproof base and a zip-removable fleece cover, that can go into the washing machine with all the other laundry. As a mum of four I don't have the time for anything with special care instructions, my time is better spent elsewhere.

My Business Tips

Make the customers the centre of your universe.

Make everything else spin around them. Look for ways to delight them every day - not just until the sale is done.

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