My Buzz

I had a reminder set on my phone to check every Monday and see if we had won #sbs, when I looked at my phone on the 26th and saw over 30 Twitter notifications at 20:01 my heart skipped a beat! To catch Theo’s eye has solidified our belief in our vision and all the work we put into our products, craft and brand.

Winning #sbs has given us great exposure and a marketing boost. We’ve gained over 120 followers in 48 hours and counting. We’ve also received a massive warm welcome from the #sbs network community and look forward to being part of it moving forward.

My Bio

Cotton Letterpress is a family business with ink running through our core over two generations. Founded by myself Luke Wilson and my father Andrew Wilson. Andrew has worked in the print industry his entire career before buying his own business, a successful commercial litho printers, 16 years ago. My experience is in sales having worked in recruitment consultancy before joining the family business nearly 6 years ago to focus on new business development.

The idea for Cotton Letterpress was conceived approximately 18 months ago. We are a contemporary British letterpress printers, blending the unmatchable beauty and craft of letterpress printing then throwing modern design and finishing techniques into the mix to create striking pieces of bespoke print communication.

We craft anything from bespoke business cards to wedding and social stationery; we also offer a commercial letterpress print service.

We aren’t new to letterpress we are taking disciplines mastered within our business over 75 years ago and delivering them into the 21st century with style! Each of our letterpress projects are handled with the highest degree of craftsmanship. Our press operators fuss over the tiniest details ensuring beautiful accuracy. Then if your project permits, our print finishers can add a bespoke flare to your piece.

We are passionate about print as a form of communication and in the world of print, letterpress is the most beautiful language spoken. Whether you are promoting an event or a business letterpress will communicate it above any other form of print media.

My Business Tips

Run your operation as lean as possible. Being small and lean enables us to react within the market and make key decisions quicker than our bigger more cumbersome competitors. If we want to sell to a new market, develop and offer a new product, re-hash our sales and marketing strategy – we can do all of this instantaneously.

Avoid becoming a commodity. Many markets are or are in the process of becoming commoditised, try to look for a niche – every market has several. Position yourself with a unique offering and find ways to differentiate from the competition.

Place importance on your brand, how people engage and communicate with your business. Your brand can be the first interaction a customer has with your business so take pride in its appearance and what message it is communicating. You only get to make a first impression once.

The importance of sales strategy. Sales is the driver for the majority of businesses, have a clear selling strategy whether you are selling B2B or B2C. Know how you will effectively reach your target market and ultimately convince them to buy into your products and services.

Always push yourself outside of your comfort zone, get used to the feeling of uncertainty.

Positive attitude.


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