My Buzz

Country Designs is a bespoke jewellery design business set up in the heart of the Test Valley. As well as making fine silver and sterling silver jewellery I also teach Silver Clay jewellery making courses.

My Bio

Lisa lives in the middle of the Test Valley in Hampshire, with her husband, two children, dog and cat. After having her first child in 2015 and moving from a city to a village she decided to put her career on hold and spend time at home being a mummy.

This life style change enabled her to explore her creative side. She tried a number of crafts from blind making to cake decorating. however her love of jewellery and previous experience with bead work, soon lead her to Silver Clay.
Once she found Silver Clay and was hooked! Her creative ability and design ideas soon had her teacher suggesting she started a small business. This is how Country Designs by Lisa was born in 2017. All her work is inspired by the country side and nature around her. She loves nothing more than going foraging on a dog walk or when out and about with her children.

My Business Tips

Feel the fear and do it anyway! I often go into something feeling light scared but do it anyway and come out wondering why but buzzing! I now realise it's all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone otherwise I would never grow.

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