My Buzz

The buzz from winning an #SBS RT has been fabulous! I gained lots of new twitter followers, had more interest in my website, was featured in the local press, was profiled in the national Guiding magazine and joined in with the #SBS winners 'family'. Onwards and upwards!

My Bio

I have been crafty all my life (read into that what you will!). As a Guide I held two craft badges, and my 8yr old is following suit with two Brownie craft badges and a range of polymer clay jewellery!

Craftyguider was set up so that I could craft as much as I wanted and then sell my creations to raise funds for the Guide unit I run. I currently sell at local craft fairs, on my website, by word of mouth, and my presence on twitter and instagram.

ALL the profits from my sales go to my Guide unit which helps pay for activities, trips away, insurance and hall hire. I take no income, just a contribution towards the cost of materials and postage costs.

My Business Tips

You need to be doing something you love doing. This makes it so much easier to devote the time and energy to achieve your dreams.

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