My Buzz

My life has taken me to Sewing, and i'm loving the journey. Sewing is so creative. It brings joy to the people who buy my items, which brings joy to me too.

My Bio

With the way that the plastic pollution is affecting us and all that is around us, I am now using more and more recycled fabrics for my bags, letter catchers and cushion covers. I purchase damaged items like curtains from a local charity, wash them and chop them into large pieces that I can use. But I don't waste any. Smaller pieces are kept for making the occasional patchwork item and all the trimmings, offcuts and damaged parts of the fabrics are shredded and used to fill other makes when I get round to them. And all my items are sent in plastic free, reusable and recyclable packaging.

My Business Tips

It's always worth thinking about improving products. Encourage feedback from customers, and see the good in any bad by using this as an area to improve. The more you improve, the happier customers are, and the more they will recommend.

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