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Why choose us?

• We offer a simple, easy way to engage your little ones with books

• We have great relationships with our books' publishers, meaning we preview all our books ahead of general release

• We aim to select books which you will not already have on your bookshelf

• We read and select from a large pool of upcoming children’s picture books

• We’re parents and we know the challenges of choosing books for our little ones!

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Created by the Daphne and Alex, we are parents who look to find the best new reads for our young daughter through the amazing publishers we work with.

We remember finding it difficult to shop for the right books for our daughter and her friends on their birthdays. We relied on recommendations, but it was tough to find any outside the big-name authors and popular book series.

The best and most unexpected recommendations were always from our friends in publishing, and we passed these on to our friends who were also looking for the same thing. It was then we realised we wanted to create Cureadosity – a no fuss way for parents to enjoy books with their kids!

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