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We are now on Instagram, we work with Celebrities to supply gorgeous shoes.

We are working with brides for their big day and creating something individual and stunning for their day.

Twitter @customcrystals_


My Bio

I am a full time working Mother of 2 smallish children, they are growing up so fast! I work full time in Facilities Management. I started this as a project for my daughters shoes and thought they looked so beautiful that other people may think so too and set up a business.

Bit mad I know but hey if you don't try you'll always wonder.

So here goes........

My Business Tips

I'm in the early stages as the business is very new so I'd be open to any business tips rather than giving them, but I am just abusing Twitter and all other forms of social media as I get introduced to them.

My Latest Offers

#SBS Winners are entitled to 15% discount off all Christian Louboutin shoes we now have avail on the website just contact me to discuss

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