My Buzz

Immediate uplift in twitter reach and more by the hour. SBS is a great endorsement for our young company which is growing at a rapid rate. The great thing about our business is that everyone is a potential customer and SBS has just given us a welcome boost in awareness.

My Bio

My name is Alli Cardona & I own Custom Cookie Company where we design, produce & hand decorate cookies of all designs shapes & sizes.
Our largest markets are in the Corporate sectors (as we can produce all manner of logo & branded cookies) and in the weddings market where our bespoke cookies are used as favours or place name settings; and our cookies are becoming increasing popular as personalised gifts for any occasion.
I started my career as a food technologist and developer and I’ve worked in the baking industry for some 15 years and through that time I’d seen the cupcake market (which really came from the US) gather pace; and more recently been aware of the growing market for these types of products, which is now quite large in the States and Canada and increasingly popular here in the UK.

My Business Tips

Work work work, be determined, learn from your mistakes. Remember the customer is King and great service starts with a smile. Keep developing your offer and strive to be the best as quality always stands out.

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