My Buzz

I'm all about sustainability and trying to make the right choice when it comes to our planet - I believe creativity can solve problems in unexpected ways.
Up-cycling is the best way I have found to rethink materials and give them a second lease of life.
I hope to inspire more people to do the same!

My Bio

Ciao a tutti!
I'm Gloria, a motion designer from Italy with a passion for sewing and our planet!
In 2020 lockdown I decided to turn my hobby into a force for good by up-cycling preloved fabric into cool handmade accessories!
That's how Cut Off Shop was born - this is my way to stick up the 'V's to fabric waste.
Every piece is entirely made and carefully crafted by myself.
I only use recycled and plastic free packaging!

My Business Tips

Enjoy making things for others and have fun during the process!
Passion will always shine through your creations.
Share your makes and find a supportive community on social media - Twitter has been brilliant in doing this for me!

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