My Buzz

My first buzz, the thing that made me turn DesignByDC into what it is, was completing a design and loving it myself, thinking, yes! This could be something. The second was other people thinking the exact same thing and then confirming it again with a 5 star review. Its amazing knowing I have created something that others feel good enough to gift to their loved ones! The most recent buzz has to be Theo's opportunity with the SBS win. It has given me the confidence to know that just 8 months into my business venture, this is only the beginning.

My Bio

Hi! I am Danielle, a full time staff nurse and mummy to a beautiful 3 year old boy! In late 2015/early 2016 I found a hobby with jewellery making that i decided to do in the (very little) spare time I had. I fell in love with it and was proud of some of the things I had designed, so in April of this year (2016) I decided to give Etsy a go and opened my shop. 8 months on and I am thrilled with my achievements. I feel as though slowly but surely I'm turning into a business woman. I went into Etsy thinking it would just be 'something on the side' but soon fell in love with selling things that I had created. I have learnt so much in such a small amount of time about business, selling and customer service. I have also had problems along the way that I have had to handle and overcome. I still work full time as a staff nurse but have still managed to achieve, in the 8 months I have been on Etsy, a 5 star profile of very positive reviews, over 100 sales, my SBS win alongside being chosen to sell at the Etsy Christmas Markets this year and an invite to exhibit at a wedding fair early next year (2017) !

What my business is about..
I started DesignByDC in the hope that I could provide something unique and meaningful to gift buyers. I cover every occasion from birthdays, to engagements, weddings and graduation! If I do not have something a customer is looking for I encourage them to get in touch so we can design and create something perfect together! I love doing this as it also gives me inspiration! I work hard to make my small business as successful as possible and I am always trying to bring something new to the table! For 2017, in inspiration of the wedding event I am exhibiting at, I am hoping to broaden my wedding range and delve into a new aspect of jewellery making! So please feel free to visit my Etsy page. Do not hesitate to contact me regarding any questions you may have, and please look out for new things to come in 2017, including (hopefully) a brand new website of my own! I hope you can also take inspiration from me and know that you really can do anything you put your mind to!

My Business Tips

It might sound cliche but hard work and dedication is key, along with passion and faith in what you are doing. It is not an easy road, I have learnt that getting yourself out there and recognized is just as important as making a sale! There will be hurdles along the way - I faced a massive one not long ago that made me think for a short time that my business was over before it had really begun. But i forced myself to stay positive and work harder and not long after I won SBS! Everything happens for a reason and in life, you get out what you put in.

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