My Bio

Starting from a simple vision of making better use of a spare office we had, we not only developed it into a thriving co-working space, we realised that we could help others to do the same.

We developed a model whereby we could solve problems for property owners. We re-purpose redundant spaces and convert them into beautiful co-working communities.

It's a win win all round!

My Business Tips

Top 3 reasons why co-working works

1. It raises your profile. You not only become known to a whole varied new network, your clients and future contacts associate you with an office. And not only that, a desirable, modern and exciting office.

2. You can have the office you dream of. The choice is vast. The designs are cutting edge and are accessibly yours at pocket change prices.

3. Prices.Supposing it was £150pm, based on Desk.Space prices, that equates to £5 per day for a 30-day rolling contract. With tea and coffee provided, wouldn’t that coffee shop spending be better placed investing in yourself?

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