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Welcome to THE authentic Devonshire Tea... Devonshire Teas & Devonshire Cream Teas are famous around the World, but now you've found THE REAL DEAL :-)

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Hello and welcome to Devonshire Tea, a family run Company based in Plymouth established by a couple known affectionately in our Home Countea as The Duke & Duchess of Devonshire Tea :-)

Devonshire Tea was launched in March 2009, after almost 4 years of planning & research.

The original idea came to our "Duke" & "Duchess" during a visit to Australia where they were struck by how many places served "Devonshire Teas" & "Devonshire Cream Teas"... Then in a real "Eureka Moment" it came to them....

..... why hasn't our Countea, THE Devonshire, got its own blend of tea? Yorkshire has & they're famous for Puddings!! SO, that was it.... decision made..... they would launch their very own tea Company & so THE REAL Devonshire Tea was born.

...... OH, and our TEAriffic TEAm of 12 now hold the OFFICIAL Guinness World Record for making the most cups of tea in one hour.... 725 cuppas made & what's more ALL sold for ChariTEA too.... Childrens Hospice South West & Devon Air Ambulance :-)

..... in case you're wondering the previous record was 491, set by Olly Murs (YES, he of "X Factor") and his TEAm of 12....

My Business Tips

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Give up!! (Thanks to the GREAT Sir Winston Churchill for this one :-)!! )

Following on from (1), be like a Rhinoceros & NOT a "sheep".... Be THICK skinned & go for it... Don't "flock" with the others...


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