My Buzz

DoggyWarriors is a community of dog lovers working together to change dogs' lives forever.

We raise funds for dog rescue centres in need through our charity lottery #DoggyLottery and our online shop.

Each month we part we five different rescue centres. We started in July 2020 and so far have raised over £50,000 for dogs in need.

Our long-term goal is to lower the number of dogs that get abandoned each year.

My Bio

My business was inspired by my 3-legged rescue called Beautie. I rescued her just weeks before my dad passed away. She helped me through the grief. I might have rescued her but she rescued me right back.

She is my rock and she is the reason I went looking for ways to help more dogs in need.

My Business Tips

Spend time creating the story behind your company. Why have you set up your business. People connect with humans not businesses. Don't be afraid to show them who you are. It probably feels uncomfortable like it did for me but it's the best thing I've done. Everyone has a story to share.