My Buzz

Thrilling to have our doodle products selected by Theo and cheered on by our peers. Doodle by Stitch is all about the buzz of being able to customise your surroundings as much and as often as you like – and about making everyday life maximum fun!

My Bio

I’ve always had huge fun professionally, but this is THE BEST. Having ideas and making them happen is a blast – add to that the daily pleasures of working with my fab Stitch sisters, surrounded by textiles, stationery and spreadsheets and I’m in clover. Past lives include sewing theatrical costumes in a whisky-scented Oxford basement, editor’s jobs at Vogue and Marie Claire, working with Charles Worthington on his best-selling haircare brands and studying costume history at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

My Business Tips

• Forge strong relationships with suppliers, team-mates and customers. They will all be your best business friends.
• Use your instinct – it’s the most individual and personal skill you have - totally irreplaceable. Then back it up with experienced advice in each area of operation
• Don’t get put off by what random others are doing or saying about you. Get on that ladder and look up, up up.

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