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We create geek inspired digital artwork

So Dave is the talented one who can draw, and Sarah looks after the admin side of the business. We're a new business, not quite a year old yet and we've had great support from family and friends.

Where it began for Dave:
From two onwards my mum would sit up with me teaching me how to draw lines and use colour, she inspired me to continue throughout my life and I would doodle all the time, even in pubs, I would doodle characters on beers mats and customers would offer to buy them.

I found drawing the only way I could really express myself and celebrate the interests I love which are Thundercats, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, 2000AD comics just to name a few. I'm also a big video game player and a DC fan.

Before setting up this business I would draw for fun and didn't really think about charging people. I painted a personalised murial in my daughter's bedroom spelling out her name but intertwined themes such as space, teddy bears and flowers.
I also created a caricature of family friends who got married, so my talents are varied which is great, I can pretty much draw/paint anything that I put my mind to.

My fiance Sarah and I have been together for 2 and a half years and we have plans to get married, buy a house and add to the family clan and like many youngish couples these days we just don't have the money whilst paying alot in rent even though we both work full time.

Whilst unpacking our boxes when we moved in together Sarah came across my college art work and other random bits and bobs that I'd created for family and friends. Sarah had a lightbulb moment that we could make money from my artwork (thus saving money to buy a house and get married) and so after months of researching computer software and what platforms to sell on etc we launched DoodleDork in 2019.

We're the official illustrator for the Mo's Fro book series !!! and so delighted to win SBS and look forward to networking with the club.

We love to read how excited our customers are when they see their artwork and it's a great feeling knowing that in the world there are homes with our artwork.

Look forward to creating artwork for you - Dave & Sarah

My Bio

Hi, I'm Dave I'm 38 and I'm the "funny one" in my group of friends, known for my vocal impressions. I'm creative, often "helping" my kids with their projects from making a board game to a periscope. In my spare time you'll find me on the playstation.

Hello, I'm Sarah I'm 32 and I'm Dave's fiance. My day job is in supply chain. I have a passion for business and this is why I run all the admin side of DoodleDork from managing projects to researching trends. In my spare time I'm a couch potato lol.

My Business Tips

We have regular "meetings" to discuss artwork we should be creating depending on the time of year, any trends that are creating a buzz and what is and isn't working.

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