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Unique and beautiful bridalwear for unique and beautiful brides.

Also creator of The Rainaway Bride
Total wet weather wedding day protection

My Bio

Originally from South London, I now live and work on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Trained in fashion but with much experience in retail, and most recently in costume making I now make my way as a bridal wear designer specialising in veils and headpieces and the occasional bespoke wedding dress.

Inspired by my maternal grandmother I named my business in her honour, Dornellie, Dora Nellie who we found out was a milliner before having her family.She dies very young and never fulfilled her potential.

I am also the creator of Rainaway Bride which is an innovative bridal cloak which not only protects from rain, also holds a dress up from puddles and mud, soggy grass and damp pavements.

My future plans are to expand my wholesale trade with a new collection of veils and headpieces but also to create a new way of buying a wedding dress to make it as close to a bespoke creation as possible but without the price tag!!!!!

With Rainaway Bride I am developing a version for evening wear, prom and many other variations.

My Business Tips

Research all the time and save as much money as possible for marketing.

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