My Bio

I love to write in childish rhyme
I really do it all the time
A Doctor and a Nana too
‘Tis on a word tree that I grew!

Before we go any further, I must let you into one of my secrets. Promise NOT to tell anyone.

When I was little, fairies lived at the bottom of my garden. I used to talk or sing to them quietly (as fairies don’t like shouting). And when dew covered the grass and made it glitter and sparkle, I knew the fairies were preparing for a shindig!

I spent many an early morning dancing to the tunes of the little people. Very soon, they began to trust me, (Fairies seldom trust humans, as humans do very strange things to fairies and to fairyland), but I could dance a fine jig, pirouette often, sing a long song and recite a poem, all of which is of very great interest to fairies.

They taught me some of their ancient secrets about bees and butterflies, worms and magic bears who know such an awful lot about everything. They also taught me secrets about science and the sky, and how to grow up into someone who is wise (wise enough to still believe in fairies).

I like to share some of those mysteries with boys and girls (and grown-ups who still have magic in them) who are inquisitive but can also keep a secret.
But WAIT! if you don't like interesting vocabulary, lots of content with a twist of magic, please don't read my stories! But if you DO like all of these things, cast your eye at my new personalised children's book: Find My Name In The Alphabet Train.

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