My Buzz

Thanks for all the warm wishes and support. The amount of positive vibes after only one day has been amazing in how it has raised the Duke of Delhi's profile.

My Bio

Duke of Delhi was started by a brother and sister. 30 years ago we went to India for the first time and never forgot the sights, sounds and smells. Many years later we embarked on a journey to transform Indian street food with a British twist. We sell our Delhi Mix - a distant relative of the Bombay mix, in places such as Fortnum and Mason. Honeycomb, Orange and Nut, Chocolate Chunk are a few of our innovative and quirky varieties.

My Business Tips

Persistance always pay off!
Use your friends and family as a sounding board and taste testers!
Test your idea out at markets to see what paying customers think!
A good brand and name are very important!
Dont follow the crowd - step aside and be different!

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