My Buzz

Its made people know i'm here and I'm pleased to say I have a new stockist too!

My Bio

I have always loved paper products, maps, parchment, origami, old letters but especially wallpaper. I did not follow an academic route of art but it has always been my passion. I draw my designs with a dip ink pen or pencil and they are transformed into wallpapers in traditional British printers using techniques used for hundreds of years. I'm inspired by the countryside and our built heritage. The earth tones of soils form my palette (its amazing what's under your feet!). In the future I hope to be successful enough to launch another collection and keep designing. I would gladly undertake free lance design projects too.
I’m always looking for lovely shops to stock me so please get in touch if you think I could be an asset to you.

My Business Tips

Most important: Smile and be happy and passionate about your business.
The person behind the business makes the business bloom. Call people instead of e-mail, chat to people regardless of sales intention, they will remember you.
Follow up any meetings/sample drops etc with a phone call and find out what they think: good or bad, it helps you understand your customers and the perception of your product better.
You will never stop learning and never know everything there is to know.

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