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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business
Easybelts was picked by Theo back in April 2013 and the immediate responses was a large interest in our web shop and increase in sales also an increase in follower on twitter and the opportunity to engage in conversation with other small business, each sharing the knowledge we have learned and bringing support to each other
We were then given the opportunity to meet Theo Paphitis and benefit from his vast knowledge of business during the SBS event in November 2013 this was a most inspiring event and we all left feeling that Yes we could make our business work with some hard work and good contacts and the right support
Each company in the SBS was then offered the opportunity to show case our product to Robert Dyas, Ryman and Boux Avenue Ltd.
Easybelts were one of the lucky ones and received an invitation to meet with the buyer from Robert Dyas, there we were offer the opportunity to be involved with the autumn catalogue and to be a part of the new Well-being Range in the Robert Dyas stores as well as taking part in the New SBS range in stores
Today we as a company have increased in size and more important sales and this has without a doubt been due to the night back in April 2013 when we received the support from Mr Theo Paphitis, in today’s market small business struggle to make their mark in the business world and often fail due to lack of support and we at Easybelts are aware that without the support we have received we might have become one of those company
Easybelts will continue to grow because we have been lucky to have the right support and belief in our product so we can’t thank Mr Theo Paphitis enough for choosing us on that Sunday night

My Bio

My name is Kay Heffernan and I have designed and make belts for children and those with limited hand coordination and learning disabilities.
I first design my belts for my son Daniel who as 4yr old was not able to manage the common belt buckle, he was all legs no waist and nothing fitted him properly, so always had his trouser or shorts at half mask with undies on show this drove me mad and as he was about to start school I need a belt he could manage. However he could attach his boogie board leash with no trouble and that is how I came to design the Easybelts, a belt any child could manage.
Easybelts is a belt made for anyone that struggle with the common belt buckle by replacing the pin mechanism with velcro making it more manageable for most children and adults
I have had a great response not only with children belts covering casual to school wear but also a big response from the disability market, often being told it’s a product they have been waiting for as at present there is nothing else available on the market
I have a web site and am steadily building a good client list. My goals are to grow each day, I listen to my customer and plan to keep expanding to cover their needs.

My Business Tips

Anyone starting out these days needs a product or idea they believe in, the patience to continue even when you start to doubt yourself and to except any support you can get, listen to others and don’t just assume you know best but remember sometimes you do.
It’s not easy to come up with a new concept or approach but when you do just believe in yourself and give 110% that way even it fails you know you have done your best and should feel proud

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