My Buzz

I love to help ... and I'm passionate about making sure our children - our future learn what life can be like without having to use technology all the time. I want our children to be creative, use their imagination and most of all have fun on their own and with their family and friends.

My Bio

Coming from a family who have always been self-employed I knew that I didn't necessarily fit the 'corporate world'. I worked hard, I loved what I did (Head of Training & Development for some well-known retailers) but I had always had a passion to support children to learn and develop their skills.

Having nearly died from blood clots over 6 years ago, my outlook on life changed, I knew that I loved training, learning and development and I knew that I wanted to carve out my own future and make a difference along the way.

I didn't fancy going into teaching, but what I wanted to do was create something whereby children had fun and developed their skills, so EcoToyStore was born.

It's still in its early stages and I have lots more development in the pipeline, but knowing that my customers and their children go 'wow' either at our service or from the toys they buy creates that cherished memory not only for them but for me aswell!

My Business Tips

Reach for the Moon and you'll fall in the stars' has been a favourite quote of mine for a long time. Dream big, don't listen to too much 'noise' from others and keep focused on what you want to do!

In this day and age, there are so many people trying to tell you what you should be doing with your business, some try to live out their dreams in you and some try and manipulate you for their own gain.

Know your numbers, have a plan and if it's not working, doesn't make you any money then move on and see it as just one step closer towards your end goal!

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