My Buzz

Colourful printmaking with added embellishments, all hand printed by me.

My Bio

Hello, I’m Emma a printmaker based in Kingsbridge, South Devon.

I was introduced to printmaking when I moved to Devon in 1999. I had just finished my degree in Theatre Design and was keen to find a creative outlet. I heard about a printmaking workshop at Salcombe Art Club and went along – I loved it!

I tried various types of printmaking and found that I enjoyed creating collagraphs the most.

Looking to expand my love of texture, I started embellishing into my printmaking about ten years ago, using beads, metal and threads.

The South Hams is a constant source of inspiration with it’s beautiful landscape and coastline. Circular shapes feature in lots of my work, along with a colour palette of turquoise, blues and greens. I always look for new theme ideas and will produce small series of pieces.

My Business Tips

If you have a passion for what you do, then go for it!

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