My Buzz

Quite often in my sessions i'm the youngest person in the room, only person with dark hair, i look different with an unique accent wearing brightest coloured leggings, in a room full of oldies with combined age thousands years over me. And yet I tell them how to "suck an egg", they do it!

Because it works!

That's my belief and unforgettable buzz which drives me and my business forward.

My Bio

I'm a mum, a carer for 2 people, with 2 different sets of conditions with challenging behaviours.

Without it there won't be my business.

I have many "practitioner" titles in health, without my lived experiences to actually PRACTISE it, none of it will make sense or create impact.

My life and work revolves around improving health& wellbeing for people with any physical and mental health barriers in particular disabilities. My heart is in the community, I thoroughly enjoy working on tangible challenge with real genuine people every week who share similar journey as me, they are my inspiration and backbone of my social enterprise.

My Business Tips

Stay in my lane.
Have an accountability partner.

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