My Buzz

From a few seconds after Theo announced this week's winners our Twitter account hasn't stopped buzzing. In just 24 hours we have received hundreds of notifications and congratulations from current and new business contacts. SBS has provided a turbo charge for our business that it hasn't seen before...what's more it's great fun! We love attending the annual conferences, thank you so much for these Theo.

My Bio

FCM exists to champion businesses and organisations; providing a single route to the very best experts who will deliver any PR and/or communications needs on a flexible or retained basis. We work collaboratively with our clients to build their reputations and help deliver their commercial goals.

Our starting point is to understand your business needs and objectives. We then hand-pick the very best specialists who will digest all available insight to create an approach and fully costed plan with timings. Once budgets have been approved, your bespoke FCM team will deliver the programme and then we evaluate, review and learn!

Our team of experienced PR and communications specialists deliver practical, successful and impactful results. From developing a full PR strategy, to creating news, to helping you engage your employees or filling a gap in your in-house team, we can step in and support your business.

My Business Tips

You'll start to grow your business by working with good people (don't try to do it all yourself!)
Take time out on a regular basis to work on the business rather than in the business
Make time to celebrate successes along the way (like being part of the #SBS family).

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