My Buzz

Tell us how #SBS has affected your business Within an hour of winning #SBS on 11 jan 2015 our social media sites have been buzzing non stop. We've had so many positive comments and everyone helping to spread the word about our baby feeding products. I have been hoping to win since November 2012 and had actually given up of ever being selected. It was worth hanging on as the boost from everyone has given the business a real confidence boost for 2015!

My Bio

Fill n Squeeze was launched in February 2013 and hit the High Street shops within months of being manufactured. The product is very unique to the market and helps with feeding babies on the go. THe idea of the product is to store homemade food in reusable pouches using the patent designed pouch filling jug. The brand is slowly becoming a household name with young families and expectations are high to increase sales in the UK. Export sales are growing and further plans are to develop more products. Hoping to launch Disney character pouches in the future.

My Business Tips

Always keep a note pad near by to off load the to do list, to help stay organised and to help with multi tasking with family life and running a business!

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