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Fit4dogsuk Canine Hydrotherapy Center providing Rehabilitation, Fun, and Fitness to all dogs in the Yorkshire area,
We have the state of the art Underwater Treadmill and a purpose-built Swimming pool for dogs, physiotherapy, conditioning room, and training area, we have just installed a Self Dog washroom for all of those dirty dogs.
We have a wide range of services from Weight loss, Fun and Fitness to rehabilitation. Riley comes in for fun & fitness sessions as he really enjoys the water and chasing his ball! Fun & Fitness is a great way for your dogs to enjoy themselves in a safe environment, and build up their strength, muscles and stamina! This is also an AMAZING way to build up confidence in the water and we take each session by the dog's pace to ensure they have the best possible experience they can!
Max attends fit4dogs for weight loss, muscle strengthening and confidence! Max wouldn't go into the pool without feeling worried or scared, but with the help and support from both hydrotherapists and hi

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Family business really are special. They can do great things. We at Fit4dogsuk aim to be proof of that. As we continue to grow we will continue to hold our family values close to our heart. Our Business vision and focus incorporates those family values. We continue to work hard to succeed for not only our immediate family working in the business right now but for the generations who we hope will continue to work in the business, the staff, and families who work with us and the community that we live in and do business with. Supporting our local community, economy and its people is important to us. Being a family business, innovating in the pet industry all these are things are important to us. We won't be resting on our laurels we will be working hard to continue to do great things for all of the pets we support each day.