My Buzz

Fleur de Lace is cool and kooky wedding decorating business and we treat every wedding as a unique event tailored to each couple. We design and style weddings to a high standard. We hire a treasure trove of items including our awesome flock of lawn flamingos. We create couple's visions, whatever they may be and from this we inspire through new ideas, displaying our work on our social media platforms.

My Bio

I'm Alice, the person behind Fleur de Lace. I run Fleur de Lace with this motto: Style | Hire | Create | Inspire. I'm a mummy to little Ivy and Dot and when they are older they want to decorate weddings, apparently! I am a creative person through and through. I have a past career in Television Art Departments, I'm a DIY expert and a I'm a lover of meeting new couples with new ideas. I think a couple's wedding needs to perfect for them, not necessarily pristine and shiny but reflective of their personalities and exactly how they imagine their day.

My Business Tips

(((1))) Before I post anything on social media I stop and think... "would I want to read this?"

(((2))) Something I have to remind myself of regularly: Don't compare yourself to others, stay true to yourself, believe in what you stand for.

(((3))) You don't have to be everyone's cup of tea just your ideal client's.

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