My Buzz

I love designing nature inpsired jewellery featuring birds, animals and flowers. Each piece is handcrafted from sterling silver clay and completely unique.

The perfect jewellery gift for nature and animal lovers.

My Bio

My name is Becky and I am the founder, designer and creator of Flutterbuyzstudio.
I specialise in creating nature inspired jewellery and custom paw print and pet portrait jewellery.
I love everything animal and nature related so of course my designs feature what I love.

I have always been creative and loved making things.
I had a big birthday coming up back in 2017 and I challenged myself to learn a completely new creative skill.
I found silver clay and my passion for jewellery making was born.
Working with sterling silver clay to create a piece of jewellery that after kiln firing is solid sterling silver is pure alchemy.
The creative process is so much fun as I work with clay which can be stamped, cut and moulded. Once dried and fired it needs polishing and a patina is added to bring out the design details.
I taught myself stamp making to create paw print stamps and with more practise honing my skills I now create beautiful simple lined drawings and turn them into stamps to imprint into the silver clay.

I started making paw print jewellery after losing my beloved dog Tilly.
I loved the fact I could turn her paw print into a minature paw print and stamp it into the silver. I felt she was still with me as I could now wear her paw print.
I realised that so many pet lovers out there also want to keep their pets close and my paw print jewellery has proved very popular.