My Bio

Farmer's son turned adman turned snack in a bag man. I'm an advertising copywriter and creative director or of a small ad agency, Trumpet London. Creative people are always looking at what's new, it's probably down to our short attention span; add to that my love of food and it's perhaps little surprise that one day whilst munching on a Sunday roast, I thought "pork scratchings? Great. Chicken scratchings, why not?"

Four years later, and thanks to the help of the production team at The Real Pork Crackling Company, Fowl Scratchings came to be.

So here we are. Starting out with something brand-new; improving and learning as we go. So, it's exciting to wonder where we will end up...

My Business Tips

I'm new to all this, but so far I have learned to trust your judgement, and never be afraid to ask for advice! Oh, and the best feedback on your business idea often comes from people you don't know, rather than the people you do...

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