My Buzz

Survey after survey confirms that the UK motor industry isn't as good as it should be, whether you're a male or female driver. Anyone can open a garage in the UK, mechanics don't have to be licensed to service or repair our cars, you can buy cheap tyres without knowing where they've been and if you don't know how far to haggle you'll likely end up paying more for a car than she who does. I think that's awful and I'm determined to do something about this. I put women first because it's women who influence the majority of car and garage purchases today and who worry most about being ripped off and patronised. Join the Club and I'll show you how much better motoring services can be when you know what your female choices are!

My Bio

Neither a petrol head nor a mechanical fan, I run the UK's only car club for busy women like me, saving them time, money and stress. Exclusive member services include money saving offers they can trust, a preferential insurance scheme for women, exclusive new car buying discounts, VIP treatment at FOXY Lady Approved garages & car dealers, friendly support services and a monthly newsletter to keep members up to date. We do all this for just £24 for a LIFETIME subscription.

My Business Tips

My tips are
1/ Be passionate and have a business purpose for good;
2/ Be focused, different, ethical and professional;
3/ Remember it always takes longer than you think;
4/ Have a scalable business plan;
5/ Work with people you like;
6/ Never give up;
7/ Have fun!

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