My Buzz

Every item is handmade by me at my kitchen table in Hampshire. Fabric always takes centre stage and I have a love of bold prints, particularly geometrics, spots and stripes.

Sustainability is always on my mind, with fabric sourced from the local scrap store, roll ends, auctions and charity shops. I try to use reclaimed ribbons and buttons as well as sending out every order in recyclable packaging to further reduce my environmental impact.

My Bio

From Rags To Bags was founded in 2008 by myself. I’ve always had a love of anything creative and come from a long line of shopkeepers.

Having dipped my toe into jewellery making and pottery over the years, my first love has always been textiles. I have literally hoarded fabric for the last 35 years or so. My love of sewing led me to selling at craft fairs, as without an outlet, there was only so much I could make for myself.

I took a break for health reasons in the late 1990s and found my way back to sewing following hand surgery in 2007. I setup the website and started designing and selling handbags. The business quickly diversified into home wares and the range on offer now.

My Business Tips

Offer the very best customer service you can, no matter how tricky the customer. Take on board the advice that feels right and file the rest.

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