My Buzz

Although it has only been a day since winning this week’s sbs there is a lot of interest in Fudge Fancies.

My Bio

After 20 years of plastering I decided to hang up my trowel and pursue my passion for cooking. Hours of experimentation later I created Fudge Fancies. A delicious family fudge recipe re-created and given a modern twist in both flavour and design.

My Fancies were a success with family and friends and so I decided to take the Fancies to the local farmers market. Given the interest and comments I received from my customers I knew I was on to a winner and therefore set about trying to realise my dream of Fudge Fancies becoming a well known name in the confectionary market.

After many calls, research etc I secured funding to open an on-line store and assistance with marketing etc. However after becoming involved in the marketing processes I soon realised my talent for self-promotion and capitalised on ‘free’ social networking to boost my customer base going from 0 followers to 3700 followers on facebook in the space of 2 years.

Fudge Fancies have appeared in both local and national newspapers, together with local TV and radio shows. Fancies were supplied to Channel 5’s Big Brother last year which proved to be a great advertising opportunity.

I gained knowledge of local producers of food & crafts from attending Farmers Markets in the region and it was this that inspired me to approach the local Council with regard to holding a large event, similar to a farmers market in my local Town. The Council loved the idea and the event is now held quarterly throughout the year.

In 2012 Fudge Fancies was awarded a Local Business Accelerator 'merit' award, judged and presented by Debora Meaden. This was a fantastic achievement given over 3,000 businesses from around the UK applied. Through our involvement with the LBA I met, Mr Chris Petty, who was actually elected to mentor a neighbouring business, however his support and interest in Fudge Fancies soon led to him becoming involved as an investor. This new investment should enable Fudge Fancies to move to the next level.

My Business Tips

There is so much help out there for anyone wishing to start a business up I initially went to my local council which they pointed me in the right direction.

With drive and determination you can achieve your goals.

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