My Buzz

It's all about FUN!

For me and my life and also my business. If children aren't having fun, they aren't going to learn so it's a vital element in all that we do.

My Bio

Hello !

I am the Director of Full of Beans Children's Fitness & also Full of Beans Children's Fitness (Franchising) Ltd.

The overall wellbeing of all children is at the centre of all we do and our amazing programmes support children aged 2 - 11 with their physical, social and emotional health.

I'd love to make connections with likeminded individuals and anyone that can support us on our mission.

My Business Tips

Take some time out for yourself every day to work on yourself.

Don't worry about asking for advice

If you sometimes feel like you are "winging it" - don't worry, we all are !

Know your numbers.

Remember it's not all about you, it's how you can help the client become amazing and that's all that matters to them.

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