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Our Twitter has lit up this week with so many lovely messages and business propositions, it's been incredibly exciting! At Gentlemen's Chuckaboo could not be prouder to receive the golden ticket that is the Small Business Sunday Award.

We are now looking forward to to have the chance to introduce our products to a wider audience & to prove exactly why we think our business deserves this title.

We have been receiving great exposure after the #SBS win and have a few exciting opportunities with Local newspapers coming up, we are trying to maintain composure, however, excited is an understatement!

We hope with the incredible boost we have received from winning the #sbs award, we can grow from strength to strength and become one of the leading male grooming brands out there.

Theo Paphitis, we can not thank you enough for selecting us as one of your six!

My Bio

Gentlemen's Chuckaboo is made up of two bearded gentlemen with a passion for the old fashioned notion of male grooming. A true gentleman not only pressed his suit, polished his shoes & combed his hair, but his moustache & beard would be just as important, well oiled and trimmed to perfection.

We also live by the same traditions and wanted to create a brand that harps back to a time where grooming was a predominant part of a gentlemen's day, appearance was taken seriously and not a whisker could be out of place. We have ambitions to be a brand that supplies a variety of men's grooming products for the gentleman of today, holding onto the traditions of the past, our focus could then expand and move towards a variety of other grooming products as well as our current beard & moustache potions & lotions, giving our customers more choice for all of their grooming needs.

Due to the popularity of facial hair, our current focus is on this particular hairy market. For this reason we have a range of Oils, Waxes & Balms that will help budding gentlemen keep their beards and moustaches in tip-top condition and not to mention soft and smelling incredible.

So far, we have had some impeccable reviews from our customers & some incredible blogs written about the company and our products. We have been featured in an advertorial in GQ Magazine and currently stocking barbers across the country (and soon to be supplying the South African market)

We have been operating for only 7 months, with just 2 members of staff, we have created the products & branding from scratch & we believe we have the ability to succeed in accomplishing our plans of becoming a well known gentlemen's grooming brand, we hope the #sbs award will be our platform to do this!

My Business Tips

Don't think about it, just do it.

There is a lot of competition out there, sometimes it's easy to be intimidated but you have to believe in your idea and do everything you can to turn your idea into a reality- take EVERY opportunity available, the only person to make it happen is you, so focus and do it.

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