My Buzz

Natural skincare handmade in Derbyshire.

SLS, Paraben Free.

Palm Oil Free.

Cruelty Free.


My Bio

I started making soap in 2020 during lockdown when it was hard to find in stores. After a lot of positive feedback from family and friends I looked into selling to the public. Two years later, after receiving all my safety certificates and registering my products I was good to go and 'Georgie & Holly' was born.

Up until the start of the pandemic I was a dog walker but sadly with most people working from home and not going on holiday, this business became non viable and for a while I was sat on my laurels wondering what to do. Holly was my wonderful rottweiler who was by my side through thick and thin. She unfortunately passed away from heart complications in January 2021 so she has been immortalised in the business name.

Nearly a year as being officially open for business, we have gone on from not just making soap but to also making other skin friendly products such as body butters, hand creams and face serums and hope to produce more things in the future.

We are an eco-friendly business, all our packaging is recyclable and we are working on a recycling scheme where-by all our glass containers can be returned for re-fills.